I met with the community here as usual on the 22nd of January, 2010 (ET Contact Meditation each month). On that date each month, I remain in quiet seclusion, communicating with my extraterrestrial friends in preparation for the evening gathering.

You may be interested in some of their information........
They reminded me, things on the Earth are speeding up. This is really true on a geophysical level on the planet and within the entire solar system as well. Even the Schumann Resonance frequency in the Earth's ionosphere cavity is increasing (the pulse of the earth). As they were telepathically explaining that, I found myself thinking of how just 15 years ago we thought the computer would ease our lives, taking over some of the work we used to do so we could sit back in the yard and relax, but instead it increased everything exponentially adding more complexity to our lives. No complaints, but it is good to be aware of what has happened. Computers have made us busier.

According to the ETs in their clear and concise way:
"Time is actually accelerating."

Oh my gosh, it's Monday again!!! How can that be?

The rate of change is accelerating all around us.

What they tried to convey to me telepathically is: We are a civilization of DOers. We are doing things so that we can hurry up, get it done, so we can DO the next thing, and the next and the next. There is an endless list in our minds of things to DO. It never ends.
They said the frequency changes occurring on our planet will make it more difficult to complete all the things we want to DO. Things are piling up as the time seems to shorten between events. The vision they showed me (~20 times faster now) is that all the things we want to do, will begin to pile up, faster and faster, closer and closer together, until soon ---- things will all occur at once. (!!)
Can you imagine that?

It relates to our evolution into a 4th and 5th dimensional frequency. In the 5th dimension there is no longer a lateral (linear) time line of past, present and future as we have in a 3rd dimensional world. There is no time line of an hour ago or of an hour from now. Everything begins to occur simultaneously. (This is hard to understand, but I know it is true because this is how the extraterrestrials live in their higher frequency world.) You can choose which experience you want to go into, at any given moment.

Our planet is passing thru a stream of higher frequencies that are affecting us. (So don't blame yourself.) This change is here, ready or not. We have known this was coming. And I know you really do know about it too, although you may not be able to discuss it with the people around you.

So on our Ranch, Jean-Luc and I have been talking about this a lot since the ETs are recommending that we slow down and simplify. Here at the Ranch there are always things to Do... the garden; repairs on the buildings; care of the animals; installing solar lights; new information to share; community meetings; workshops and hundreds of emails.

Most importantly, it is time to tune in, be with Nature and relax more, continuing leisurely ocean swimming and spontaneous gatherings with people. :-)

Our psychic abilities are increasing with these changes and that is helpfully raising our level of consciousness. An era of tremendous opportunity for everyone, ready or not, is quickly arriving. And with it, a positive future.

In tandem with this concept is the always constant reminder to do the things you Love to do. Don't settle for less. The dolphins remind us of this. Do the things that bring joy to your heart and a smile to your face. These things will be a great success for you. For when you are actively engaged with projects, places and things you love, your body and mind are resonating a frequency of harmony and enjoyment. This frequency moves out from your consciousness and attracts to itself more of the same. Eventually you notice that the universe and those around you are supporting the choices you have made, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and financially.

Everything will flow smoothly when you are doing what you love, be it teaching a class or swimming or computer browsing or gardening, etc. When your heart is singing, the world absolutely sings with you!! It's that simple.

At Sky Island Ranch on the Big Island we are convening week-long gatherings to swim, sun and sit round our fire circle to focus on the new world that is now manifesting. There are many aspects to consider as we joyfully move into the personal and global humanitarian paths for our experiences here on Earth.

The dolphins and whales are supporting us with their messages and their healing tones.Just as the songs of the birds in the Spring cause the grass to grow and the flowers to bloom, so it is that the cetaceans send us their sounds to communicate, heal and merge with our dreams and intentions, creating together. We will enjoy their company in the warm ocean waters where the soundwaves move through the salt water easily, into our light bodies, inspiring us and reviving memories of our wonderful multi-dimensional lives. This ability of the cetaceans to communicate and transmit higher consciousness will assist us in expressing our love as we teach and share with other people.

In addition, the friends of the dolphins and whales, the civilizations of Star People, extraterrestrials, celestials and multi-dimensionals are asking to meet with us to review the upcoming months and years on Earth, looking into our future. There are great new truths unfolding and being revealed. When we gather here in the gentle serenity of Hawaii, we are open to communicate with them. Therefore they arrive to meet with us. We know that many of these other civilizations look like us and can live among us on Earth, we also know that some cannot breathe the air here, nor be here in the physical yet. They will come when the higher frequency on Earth can accommodate them and when they are invited.

Personally we have had no contact with unethical civilizations. Here at Sky Island Ranch we meet with positive, wise and caring Ones of Light and higher consciousness. They are the only ones who can enter the loving dimensional frequencies you experience here (as many of you who have visited here, know.)

These more advanced civilizations are comfortable as multi-dimensional beings, which means they can appear and disappear, they can live on their Ships in a rarified atmosphere and they can visit us in that way. They are not limited to one location, one body, one language, one galaxy, etc. They can come and go as they choose. They are always respectful of our wishes.

We will share a time of laughter, sweetness, strength, wisdom, health, deep knowing, remembrance, upliftment and friendship, surrounded by the horses and donkeys who live here and add their gentle wisdom to our mountain home.

Watch the magic that happens as your love of life increases. Even your environment and the people near you are affected. You CAN change the world by your example and by your Love. We ARE changing the world.

Thank you!!

© Mike Sells

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