09.12.2003: Portal Report

 ETs & Dolphins



Sky Island Ranch, Big Island, Hawaii - 2005

For nearly thirty years, the dolphins have been a part of my life. We have enjoyed daily swims in an environment that was at one time alien to me -- the ocean. As a non-swimmer in 1975, I entered their world because of my feelings of love for them. I learned to float on the surface of their watery world, and to communicate through sounds and songs. I used my telepathic abilities to send them my thoughts and my third-eye sonar to locate them in the ocean. To this day, we practice the joy of shape-shifting, of trusting each other and sharing the spiritual essence of our personalities and energy bodies. Together we enter "dolphin consciousness" and travel to our mutual future. We experience out-of-body journeys, physical and emotional healings, spiritual teachings, interdimensional timelessness, vertical interventions in a linear world, invisibility, dematerialization, contact with non-physical beings, and communication with our friendly extraterrestrials from distant planets of Light. We dance free from the veil of forgetfulness. I am nurtured by their wonderful sense of humor and their wisdom. Their greatest attribute is the Joy they bring to so many people, as we swim together in the Beauty of Nature, unhindered by worldly cares and possessions.

Now we are in contact with the neighbors of the Dolphins, the Light Beings from other realities. These are inhabitants of other planets and stars, of other planes of existence. They exude all of the same pure and gentle qualities as the dolphins. They are pod oriented, loving, playful, intelligent, multidimensional, masters of their personal and group powers. They live cooperation and altruism from their core, within a deep consciousness of universal laws. They bring us together, remembering and activating our interdimensional DNA. They are our dear and loving friends just as the dolphins are.

We begin now to make contact in earnest with our Extraterrestrial friends. For many years we have meditated; sending and receiving messages from these Beings of Light. Aware of their presence, we found inspiration and comfort in their closeness to us. Although we are confronted with many negative images promoted by unconscious Earthlings, we move beyond this propaganda of fear, to meet benevolent extraterrestrials who care about us, have the intelligence and technology to help us and will assist or leave us alone according to our choices.

It is time for us to make a choice. The Earth can no longer withstand the damage to her ecosystem and her neurological system. She will change form to re-create a new body. Will humanity be compatible with Earth's new form? Do your elected representatives truly represent you? They have built underground domiciles for themselves. Do not be fooled by the plethora of distractions laid before you on the news programs around the world. These are meant to keep you occupied while a different story unfolds in hidden places. However, this 'story' is of the secular world and will not dictate the true nature of higher reality where Truth resides.

The profound communications with our ET relatives have increased. Over the years, there are more and more Light workers on Earth who realize they are here to be the mediators between Earth populations and the ET civilizations. They are ready to fulfill their role now. These special people have a deep inherent understanding of the ET cultures and they are able to communicate the merits of our societies coming together for the good of all.
I am asking all of you who read this message and resonate with it to contact me in Hawaii to let me know you are there and that we are in communication. Many of you have met with me in Seminars. Most of the people who feel drawn to dolphins and whales are heart-centered people who are catalysts for change within the general population. You are the ones who originate as star seeds from the beautiful galactic systems surrounding the Earth and you know why you are here. You have been patiently awaiting your time to serve humanity. Your time has come!

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Let us come together to brainstorm about our ongoing Contacts and how we can best serve Gaia and humanity as the reality of the ET Presence on Earth enters global awareness.

With love always,
ETs and Dolphins


Cocotrees, Jean-Luc Bozzoli



Who are the Extraterrestrials?

When I use the term ET, I am talking about sentient, aware life forms that are living or vibrating beyond the average Earth-human ability to see them and who live within a field of Light energy that is benevolent, compassionate and connected to the greater, refined Light or Source. This Greater Light lends itself to expanding life on a Universal level for the sake of continuing evolution into higher frequencies of consciousness known as Love. These Beings may live in the oceans of Earth, underground and within the Earth

My definition of ET does not include: clones or robots or drones that have no will of their own. I am not including lost souls who take up unwelcome residence in some humans. I am not talking about projections into the mind with holographic visions that have been artificially induced for unethical purposes.

How can you tell the difference?

By feelings.

If you feel afraid and you feel ill-treated, you certainly had contact with a source that is not an ET spiritual friend.

During my ET contacts, I feel inspired and filled with Love. It is as wonderful as swimming with dolphins. I look forward to continuing contacts with these ET friends, as my life expands in positive and compassionate ways. Befriending these intelligent and fascinating interdimensional Beings, my understanding of them grows. As I learn more, I will share my expanded definitions of who they are, with you.


Bora, Jean-Luc Bozzoli

In 1988, after spending many years traveling and sharing information about dolphins, I was ready to settle into one home for a while. I received an inspired message that told me I would meet ETs in person, in physical bodies, if I chose to move to the Hawaiian Islands. Soon after, someone offered me an oceanfront home to rent in Hawaii and I accepted the offer.

Living in Hawaii and communicating with the dolphins, I realized that the dolphins were the ETs on Earth in a physical body. They do not live on terra firma, they live in an alternate reality - the ocean. I decided these must be the Ones I was predestined to meet.


ET Pilots

Five years later, I was contacted by my galactic friends from the Arcturian Starships that are assisting Earth right now. They requested my presence in a spiritual council. A friend of mine from England, Elaine Thompson, flew to Hawaii to meet them with me. We asked for their contact as had been pre-planned, and had an experience with them in which we were permitted to visit the ET Light Vehicle that often hovers among the clouds over Hawaii. I had had contact with Sirian Beings in the past (as explained in my first book, Dolphin Connection) And now this


StarMatrix Jean-Luc Bozzoli


I quickly noticed similarities between my communications with dolphins and these radiant ETs. The dolphins and whales are on Earth for reasons of their own and that is detailed in my book, Dolphins Into the Future. In addition they are assisting people to actualize their potentials as multi-dimensional Light Beings. To do this, the dolphins have entered our consciousness and our history through a window-in-time. They are reminding us of our extended energy bodies that are cosmic in nature, while we are in physical bodies on Earth.


The similarities between dolphin contacts and ET contacts.

1.) Dolphins are calling us into their environment. They want to meet us there By going into the ocean we are entering a new and unfamiliar environment, we are in a milieu where vibrations are amplified, we are interacting with beings who are different than we are. It is their territory and we are the visitors. This assists us to enter these unknown realms and discover immense beauty and wisdom.

With my ET friends these experiences are also occuring. We are entering their high frequency environment, it is different than our three-dimensional one, and we are meeting Beings who do not look like us and who have different needs and behaviors. Yet we recognize the kinship, and the love between us.

2.) Initially, people do not see the dolphins in the ocean. Dolphins, swimming quietly in a pod can be undetected. When you are not familiar with the shape of their dorsal fins, you may think you are looking at waves and white caps. Often I have said to people,


Starcoral, Jean-Luc Bozzoli

The same applies to ETs. People cannot see the ships in the sky and in the ocean. They look and strain their eyes, trying to see a metallic vehicle, their idea of what a space ship would look like. It seems that nothing is there! It is good to keep looking to the skies. Eventually you will see more. As the Arcturians have said, their density is different than ours. Their vehicles are lighter and of different composition. These vehicles often appear as clouds in our skies. As you acknowledge them, they respond to you.

I have heard people say, "The stars are not out tonight." In truth, the stars are always there, whether it is cloudy or not. But we cannot always see them. This is a good analogy.

3.) Fear will keep them away. Many people love the dolphins and want to meet them. However, in my experiences I have met people who are also a little nervous about meeting these large, muscular, mammals with a mouth full of teeth who live in an environment unfamiliar to us. Courageously, people enter the water following their feelings of Love for the dolphins. If dolphins sense the person is afraid of them, they will thoughtfully keep their distance. They will circle and watch the person, sonar them and sound them. But they will not approach the swimmer until the person asks them to come, consciously or unconsciously. I have witnessed this behavior many times.

It is the same with our ET friends. They do not want to instill more fear into our present fear-based society. They will keep their distance until people are truly ready to make contact. In saying this, it is important to remind readers that ETs are able to understand us very well – perhaps even better than we understand ourselves. They are aware that humanity lives in a multidimensional world and that what we see and acknowledge on the three-dimensional level is a mere fraction of our greater reality. Many times, with people I have met and counseled, the person has requested ET contact on one level and then forgotten this request on the 3-D level. The ETs are waiting for us to recall our Galactic heritage and communicate with them.


Gateway, Jean-Luc Bozzoli


4.) They seem to stay just beyond reach. Sometimes people who come to my seminars to meet the dolphins have a misunderstanding about what to expect. They have seen the famous "Flipper dolphin" show on television and they think we will hold on to the fin of a dolphin and be taken for a ride. The dolphins I work with are not willing to do that. If you reach out toward them, they will swim away.

I can understand a desire in people who love dolphins to want to hug them and touch them and look closely into their eyes. That is the way we, as humans, interact with people we love on terra firma. Dolphins have approached us in our dream states, in our meditations. We feel close to them. And yet, the free swimming dolphins stay just out of reach. Reading our minds, they move away if we have a thought to touch them.

The ET friends behave in similar ways. Often people ask them to come, to land in their backyard and take them aboard! And yet the ETs stay out of reach and seemingly out of sight too. WE have all heard some people, who have had success in communicating and receiving a sign or a message in return. But in general, many requests for confirmation of their presence is not forthcoming. Like the dolphins, they are offering us an opportunity to expand our minds and hearts into their world – to move beyond the five senses and enter a new consciousness that is filled with Joy and Peace. They know we can do it, and they are waiting for us to communicate and interact on higher levels.

5.) They are stretching our minds to new possibilities. People who swim among free dolphins are certainly changed and nurtured by the encounters. After spending time in the ocean and in the seminars, they usually make changes for the better in their lives. Their values change, they release programmed belief systems and think for themselves. They feel once again their connection with nature and want to live a more simple life. In many ways they want to emulate the dolphins.

In contacts with ETs, people also experience change. Their Earthbound, three-dimensional reality seems restrictive and uninspiring in comparison to the world of the Light Beings. These people enjoy spending more time in the higher frequencies where the meaning of life becomes clear and peaceful harmony is the norm.

6.) The dolphins encourage us to move beyond our 5 Senses. They are tempting us into new realities. They know we are already good at seeing, smelling, touching, hearing and tasting. Now they reveal advanced abilities to us such as; how to use our sonar, how to activate our telepathy, how to make images with sound, how to shape shift and mind-merge.

The ETs are also assisting us in this way. As we spend more time with them, we are able to enter increased frequencies of Light, we are able to communicate telepathically, to transcend time and space limitations, to time travel and awaken our memories of who we are. It is a very exciting and luminous interaction.


New Born, Jean-Luc Bozzoli


7.) Both the dolphins and the ETs use the power of Pod Mind to communicate. This is a method of communication in which the information is shared openly with everyone in the group or pod, simultaneously. There are no secrets, no hidden agendas, no opposing opinions in these transmissions. What is known by one, is known by all. Everyone in the community has the good of the entire group in mind. In transmissions from them they refer to themselves as "We." However, they also maintain their Individuality. They can merge with group mind without "losing themselves in another person." or they can be separate entities. They are autonomous.

8.) We Trust them. When you become friends with the dolphins and whales, you trust them. You know they are gentle creatures who have a different society than we do. It does not include wars, aggression, competition, possessiveness, grudges, judgments or anger. They are gentle with each other and with us.

The ETs I know are the same way. They radiate a loving field of energy. They are interested in us and in some ways feel about us as we feel about dolphins . . . loving, curious and protective. We feel safe with them.

9.) Acoustic Imagery. The dolphins, whales and most of the ETs I know, have a tonal language. They can use sound to create a vibrational picture in your mind. When you cannot understand through thought transmissions, they are able to send you a holographic picture to further explain the concept they are sharing. They are very sensitive to vibrations and can hear much more than we can. As with the dolphins

10.) Contact with dolphins and ETs changes us for the better. After these contacts, people become more sensitive to others, aware of the sentient qualities of our Earth, connected to animals and nature, more interested in community living and being, attuned to their bodies and their health, aware of tension and its detrimental effects on human lives, and more humanitarian. Their Earthly existence has increased meaning and direction. They feel self-confident and joyful.

11.) In our contacts with dolphins and ETs, we are exposed to a life style that is different from our own. Not only do we learn about other cultures and other species, we begin to accept and even love the differences. They are not materialistic, they live a simple life with all their needs fulfilled. We are given the opportunity to join them and experience other dimensions, experience bi-locating, time travel, going beyond linearity into holographic worlds. We understand that our bodies are biomagnetic fields that respond to other wavelengths and group thought or collective consciousness. We become sensitive to various vibrational fields, understanding how we participate in those fields with our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. Accepting the responsibility of being co-creators of our world, we can give up the old paradigm belief in "them" and "us." We feel the Love of the Creator for us and we feel our Love for all that exists around us.

12.) The dolphins and ETs have a sense of humor in common. With my extended contacts with my ET friends I can relax into their practical jokes and funny double-meaning words, thoughts and synchronicities. Often the jokes come right through the computer. They keep me laughing! The dolphins do the same. When I am playing a leaf-game with the dolphins for hours, they will sometimes hide the leaf and pretend they don't know where it is. I am swimming and diving under water trying to find our "toy" while the dolphins act as if they are searching for it too. Eventually when I am completely mystified, one dolphin will swim to me, tilt his body in my direction and release the leaf, which has been tucked beneath his pectoral fin. Joy and happiness is their natural state of being.

13.) Both the dolphins and the ETs have an awareness of sacred geometry and its role in our transmuting bodies. They understand the use of vibrational frequencies, rods, planes, apexes, spirals and specific shapes to use as energy transportation forms between Light realms. Their connections to advanced patterns and frequencies allow a wide range of existence that exceeds linear descriptions and understandings. They know how to benefit from energy expressions of Light, color, sound and sacred geometry.


LightWaves, Jean-Luc Bozzoli





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