09.12.2003: Portal Report


Joan Ocean, M.S.


One of the Speakers at our Dolphin and E.T. Civilizations Conference in June, 2005 is Dr Richard Sauder. I invited him to be a speaker because I was fascinated by his research of Underground and Underwater Bases. He has been gathering information about these oceanic sub-marine bases for decades.

I am interested because I have seen artificial lights down deep in the ocean; large white lights that are approximately 3 – 5 feet across, facing upward to the surface and illuminating the water. It is difficult to determine their exact size because the movement of the water expands and diffuses the light.

As someone who has been swimming in the local waters of the Big Island for two decades I have seen many amazing sea creatures and unusual phenomena, such as whalesharks and giant jellyfish. But these lights remain in one place beaming a continuous stream of light while my boat circles around them. These are not rays from the sun that are everywhere at once. We can swim away from these light beams and return to see them still there. Entering the water and diving down 50 feet, I can see that this bright light is still far below. This type of light is seen in water that is more than a mile deep. Many people traveling on boats with me have seen this phenomenon.

In addition to these lights, many of us on the Big Island have experienced large, transparent, sphere-shaped Balls of Light as big as a ballroom, while swimming among the dolphins. These spheres are near the ocean's surface when we see them.

This is how we interact with these Domes of Light. We notice the dolphin pods of proximately 150 dolphins swimming close to shore. They come to our boat and then bring us to these milky-white plasma balls. They seem to want us to go there and so they lead us directly to it. When we swim inside, we can see nothing beyond our hands. We cannot see each other or the dolphins. We cannot even see our own feet. It is unusual to tread water, see our heads above the surface and then look below and see no bodies! It feels like our body is in two different dimensions.

Jack swims into the plasma orb

Within the White Sphere we can hear the dolphins' sounds as they circle within the sphere. When we surface or swim outside the sphere their sounds are no longer audible.

We often swim in and out of this huge floating plasma ball for 2-3 hours. When we finally swim away and board the boat to return to land, we feel very etheric and lightheaded. We experience a quiet peacefulness, serenity, a heightened awareness of Beauty all around us, and a deep feeling of inner joy and gratitude.

I am very interested to hear from other people who have seen similar ocean anomalies.
Please write and let me know if you have heard of this or seen it.

Dr. Richard Sauder shared his knowledge of underwater bases and ETs, the Navy and the dolphins at our Dolphin and E.T. Civilizations Conference in June 2005. www.ETFriends.com/conference

Pravda Article about Underwater Lights

Underwater civilizations - 05/12/2004 14:37

For more than 100 years sailors of merchant and military ships have been reporting strange occurrences: underwater bright lights and unidentified objects. Majority of such reports came from regions of Persian and Siamese Gulfs as well as Southern Chinese Sea and Malay strait.

In 1963, the United States were conducting Navy training not far from Puerto Rico. Suddenly, the training session had to be stopped. Sonar operators determined that one of the submarines was changing its coordinates and was following a strange object. The object was moving at an incredible speed: 150 knots. No modern submarine is capable of traveling at
such rapid speed. (On average, subs cannot exceed 45 knots). Obviously, the object escaped after maneuvering at 20,000 feet. A report was immediately forwarded to the Commander of the Atlantic fleet in Norfolk, VA.

American scientist A. Sanderson, who devoted many years of his life to studying ocean depths, writes the following about a mysterious occurrence which he observed from the deck of an ice-breaker in the Atlantics:
Suddenly, something emerged from the waters, breaking thick ice; the huge silver object then disappeared in the sky|.

After thoroughly examining US Navy archives regarding such unidentified underwater objects, Sanderson came up with an interesting hypothesis. His hypothesis talks about the existence of highly developed civilizations right here on earth.

All I can assume is the following: the hypothetical circular spaceships| could have used continuously working scanners of radar type, their beams in turn become visible for us only when they produce luminescent masses of small unicellular organisms.

Such hypothesis appears to be rather believable. It can also be added that in cases where the emissive power of the so-called radar gets too high, then water itself will be luminescent.


In 1928, peasants from the village Shuknovolk (Karelia) witnessed another remarkable event. The phenomenon remains a mystery even today. One of the locals, F. P. Fedotov, presents his account of those days.

Something resembling a big cylinder with red flame streaming from its rear end collapsed into the lake. Some say, that it is still lying on the bottom of this lake and hampers fishermen to fish there. After the fall of the object, local residents started noticing a strange 1-1,2-meter long creature. The creatures body appeared slim and its hands were touching the
ground. Each hand contained four fingers. The creature was incredibly fearful; it would always hide in the water whenever approached by humans.

Japanese have a legend of a cane man. According to the legend, not only did the man live under water but he also could fly at an incredible speed. The legend has much in common with the alien in Karelia. Both of them have membranes with claws. Japanese have an image of this creature which dates back to VII century.

Do underwater civilizations exist?

Underwater and Underground Bases--essential reading. by Dr. Richard Sauder

The Evidence for Secret Undersea Bases

………. Over the years I have encountered bits and pieces of information suggesting that there may be undersea naval facilities. A former associate of mine who had been in the Navy told me that there are tunnels on both coasts of the United States that submarines enter when they are at sea, and then travel through to secret, underground submarine bases that are inland from the coast. I have been told, time and again, about purported submarine tunnels in the Long Beach, California area that allegedly bore inland from the ocean."


"…..It is important to understand that the technology for constructing manned, undersea bases hundreds, even thousands of feet below the sea floor exists…….

The experience, the expertise, the machinery, the trained personnel and the financial means for constructing manned bases beneath the ocean floor have been in place for at least 35 years.

Bear in mind that the petroleum industry routinely carries out major industrial operations in deep water, well out to sea. The petroleum industry also routinely bores down into the deep rock beneath the ocean floor"

"…. In principle there is nothing to stop a tunnel boring machine (TBM) from tunneling out beneath the sea bed, from onshore. Once offshore, beneath the sea, there is nothing to stop the TBM from tunneling along the coastline, miles out to sea - beneath the sea floor. And no one would be the wiser."

"….. tunneling out under oceans, seas, bays and estuaries has been done for a very, very long time all over the world, stretching back at least into the 19th Century, if not before. Undersea tunnels can stretch for miles, and reach depths of 2,000 feet or more beneath the ocean floor. Of course today's technology is far more powerful and sophisticated than it was 50, 100 or 150 years ago. One can only speculate as to how long, how deep and how elaborate contemporary, clandestine, submarine tunnels might be."


From the book: INVISIBLE RESIDENTS by Ivan Sanderson


Second Officer C. J. Boyes and Midshipman M. Hibbert of the British ship, S. S. Telemachus reported the following about rays of light traveling under water in 1962:

These rays changed from parallel lines to curved lines which rotated around a center.

An article about them appeared in the United States Naval Institute Proceedings, written by, Commander J. R. Bodler (USNR).

My vessel had passed through the Strait of Hormuz, bound for India. The night was bright and clear. The Third Mate called me to the bridge, saying that he had observed something I ought to see.

About four points on the port bow, toward the coast of Iran, there was a luminous band which seemed to pulsate. Examination with binoculars showed that the luminous area was definitely below the horizon, in the water, and drawing neared to our vessel. With the approach of this phenomenon it became apparent that the pulsations seemed to start in the center of the band and flow outwards toward its extremities.

At a distance of about a mile from the ship, it was apparent that the disturbance was roughly circular in shape, about 1000 to 1500 feet in diameter, a revolving motion with streaks of light like the beams of searchlights, radiating outward from the center…..

….. The beams instead of broadening out as they leave the hub, as do all other types of lights except laser beams, appear to continue as parallel bands. These underwater lights appear to have a definite point of origin. This point of origin invariably seems to be moving. Sometimes the "eye" appears to have moved in under a ship and, to have stayed there for some time, presumably traveling WITH the ship.

The first major point to understand is that these displays are not "wheels" of light; for whoever heard of a wheel without a rim? Rather they are a series of "spokes" that rotate or whirl horizontally around a diffuse center. (Several of the reports state that the center was not brighter than the rays, but that it was "mushy" or almost indefinite. This is significant.)

Seasoned mariners have reported these lights for hundreds of years.

One report made by Officer Douglas Carnegie, of a display in the Gulf of Oman states, I noticed that an intervening ship had no effect on the light beams. The beams seemed to travel right through it. In one case, observed by the second officer of a Pacific and Orient liner in the Strait of Malacca, the shafts appeared to be about 300 yards long……

Another curious fact is that the whole manifestation may turn either clockwise or counterclockwise; two may be going in opposite directions at the same time; or one may slow down and become dim and then come back, revolving in the opposite direction. This is immensely puzzling.
It is not phosphorescence, or luminescent animals, luminous squids or plants.
If anything, the source of these lights could be mechanical. A mechanical source could account for the regular beams, of regular width, regularly spaced, and revolving at a regular speed; and beams changing from straight to curved.

Any craft that can travel through space should be able to continue on and down into a liquid medium, since said craft must be completely sealed. What better place to land than the bottom of the seas.

Perhaps they are all over; perhaps they prefer water of a certain temperature; perhaps they need the enhanced "spin" of the equatorial belt (as in Hawaiian waters-JO) to help in their braking for landings and thrust for take-off; perhaps they just stumble upon locations such as the Indian Ocean, with ready made raw materials in greater abundance than elsewhere.

What is the answer? We still know so little about the world in which we live.

August 18th at the Airport Bay, Hawaii 2005
Report from Elaine T. - Podleader from U.K.

I am happy to share this unique and wonderful experience!
This morning our pod was out on Veto's boat; we had been in the water three times, watching, sending love and interacting with our dolphin friends and their newborn babies. The dolphins decided to lead us into Airport Bay, and so with reverence and gratitude we followed. This was to be our last dive of the seminar, and the dolphins were ready to play and lead us into the magical world of joy and dreamtime. As they circled, I waited quietly in the water, hovering over the radiant light rays that emanated from the deep blue depths of the ocean, watching the play of light as it flickered and danced.
Suddenly, a large circular disc appeared in the depths. The perspective was slightly elliptical, and I thought at first that I was looking at the sand patterns and coral on the ocean floor. Inside the disc were concentric circles such as you would see in an Orb. These circles were pulsing and wavering inside a very clear darker rim. There were also shorter dark wavy line markings around the disc following the circular rings.
I watched in amazement as the light beams shone out from the centre of this very large disk. I dove down about 20 to 25 feet to see it more clearly (I thought it was resting on the bottom), and not only did it completely disappear, I couldn't even see the ocean floor, even from that depth. I resurfaced and looked again, and there it was. The wavering pulsing lines gave the impression that it was somehow breathing in and out, like a heartbeat, but more gently. It was golden colored, like the finest sand with shadows or color variations playing and moving over the surface, but all the time surrounded by the big blue.
I estimate that from the surface it was at least 15 meters or larger across the radius, having a slightly domed look to it. It was also about 10 meters down, but as I said before, when I dove, it was no longer visible.
At this point, another swimmer, Kirsten, came to my side and I signaled that there was something circular below. She confirmed that she could also see it, and told me that she had just seen 5 dolphins dive deeply and disappear completely while swimming over the "ship".

Underwater Circular Disk - painting © Elaine Thompson

Report from Kirsten V. - participant from Holland
It started with me watching the dolphins swimming peacefully in layers (underneath each other) as if they were in dreamtime. I then swam above 5 dolphins, and I watched them as they dived slowly deeper and deeper. It seemed to me as if they disappeared into the light rays in the sea that were coming from the depths.
Then I knew that they were still there; I could feel it, hear them, I just knew it…but they had vanished from view. That occurred at the same moment that the other dolphins were swimming out of the bay. I also knew that they would return. Perhaps I was understanding a communication from them.
I waited, floating in the light, and I spotted Elaine, who was only a few meters away also lying still in the water. I swam to her. It felt as if we were in a light meditative state. Then she signaled a circle and pointed down to the bottom, and I saw a big circular disc with circles within it. It was pulsing and moving although stationary. It really looked as if it was breathing and pulsing like a heartbeat. Then it disappeared, and came back seconds later. I was so amazed that I was holding my breath, and I wanted to rub my eyes, because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. On a deeper level, I knew what I was seeing. I knew it was an extraterrestrial ship. Then the sounds of the dolphins became louder, and I felt that they came closer from outside the bay. Then I saw the 5 dolphins below coming back out of the center of the light shining from the middle of the ship. This was when the dolphins communicated with me and said "This is the way we do it".
As they came up, I followed them and swam along, and then the dolphins, like a reception, surrounded me. What a wonderful goodbye for me!
I felt so touched that Elaine and I were together, and that we both witnessed the same thing together. She asked, "Did you see it?" My answer was, "Oh yes, I saw it!" When we talked afterwards, our description of the craft and the entire experience matched exactly.